• Why do I have to change my password?

    It is important to us that the email and password you use to access your Blue Apron account follows strict security standards. The current username and password combination you are attempting to use does not meet our security requirements. 

  • What are the requirements for my password going forward?

    Your password should be a never used before combination that includes at least one of each of the following:

    • Eight characters
    • One lowercase letter
    • One uppercase letter
    • One digit
    • One special character
  • How do I reset my password?

    To reset your password, head to www.blueapron.com. On the top right-hand corner of the page, click ‘Log In’ and select the ‘Forgot Password?’ link. Enter the email address associated with your account, and click the blue ‘Send Reset Instructions’ button. Once complete, you’ll see a green banner appear under ‘Log In’ and be emailed a link for you to reset your password with instructions.

  • How do I know I’ve successfully reset my password?

    Once you’ve successfully reset your password, you’ll receive an email confirmation to verify that you’ve completed all steps in resetting your password.